Form Reader

FormReader is a powerful tool for the automatic capture and export of data from printed sources into information management systems and databases.

Data capture process is made up of three stages:

  • Template creation.
  • System tuning and customization.
  • Processing of completed forms.

FormReader takes care of the hardest part of form processing -the manual input of documents. Following extensive verification, data is saved to file (all common file formats are available) or exported to an information management system. All kinds of forms can be processed - you name it, FormReader can process it!

How FormReader works

The processing of forms completed by hand is divided into four stages: scanning, recognition, verification, and export.

  • Both ADF and flatbed scanners can be used
  • TIFF, JPG, PCX, and BMP format files can all be opened
  • Automatic threshold detection, image rotation, page orientation detection, deskewing, and despeckling all take place during scanning.
  • Images are processed using FineReader OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode recognition technologies.
  • All standard form elements are recognized such as
  • Printed or typewritten text
  • Handwritten letters and digits
  • Checkmarks and radio groups
  • Barcodes
  • Automatic template matching allows different type (as well as multi-page) forms to be processed within the same batch.
  • Recognition quality can be enhanced using internal and external dictionaries.
  • Three verification modes are available
  • Context verification for verifying the text field's contents
  • Group digit verification (up to 300 characters per second)
  • Verification in form for simple form verification and validation rule error correction
  • Built-in automatic validation rules (dictionary comparisons, word/digit comparisons, etc.) reduce the numbers of errors in the resulting data to a minimum.
  • To file (DBF, Excel, CSV, and TXT formats supported);
  • To a database via ODBC
  • To any information management system via API or using any programming language that supports OLE-Automation