LXR Test

LXRTEST 6.0 is the a powerful, yet easy-to-use test & assessment software that offers you the unique ability to generate exams that can be taken over the WEB, on a LAN--or even scored with mark reader (Paper)--all from within a single program using content rich item banks.


  • Item Banking
  • Test Construction
  • Scoring and Analysis
  • Online Testing
  • Grading
  • Reporting

Sample Web Test

Item Banking

  • Versatile item classification by primary objective and up to eight subcategories.
  • Supports most image, sound and video types — including embedded objects (for example, Word™ and Excel™ documents).
  • Extensive built-in text formatting; exportable to HTML and rich text.
  • Numerous item formats including multiple choice (up to 26 choices), true/false, open-ended, numeric response, matching and fill-in.
  • Single and multiple response items with fractional point values and choice weighting.
  • Built-in spelling checker including English, British and medical dictionaries.
  • Powerful “use with” and “don’t use with” item associations.
  • Areas for feedback, notes and response content.

Test Construction

  • Automatic, multi-form test construction from user specifications.
  • Selects and views items by classification, content, type or other user-specified criteria.
  • Numbered and non-numbered section breaks.
  • Randomized item and choice scrambling, yet preserves linked item associations.
  • Supports one-, two- and three-column tests.
  • Constructs tests from multiple item banks.
  • "Drag and drop" item placement on test with automatic renumbering.
  • Hierarchical item view by any classification.
  • Dynamic test difficulty, point value and time calculations during test assembly.

Scoring and Analysis

  • Interchangeably scores both online and mark reader tests.
  • Easily selects examinee subgroups based on user-definable code fields.
  • Tracks responses from multiple tests in single score database.
  • Permits interactive editing of any response data.
  • Reads and displays other student demographic data captured on mark reader forms.
  • Creates custom report headings "on the fly" for any score subset.

Online Testing

  • Supports network (both LAN and Web) and stand- alone test delivery.
  • Provides immediate feedback on an item-by-item basis.
  • Features item "bookmarks" for prompted return to marked items.
  • Enables students to comment on any item.
  • Tracks overall test time and time spent per item. Issues comprehensive student test reports to the screen, printer or e-mail addresses.
  • Common item bank format for generating both paper and online tests.
  • Displays shared material in separate window for easy reference from multiple questions.
  • Supports re-entrant tests, global and individual access control, automatic linking to follow-on tests and more.


  • Provides letter, mastery and scaled score grading to accommodate any testing application.
  • Responses can be graded using different grading tables and different grading criteria.
  • Provides for mastery, partial mastery and non- mastery thresholds on a per objective basis.
  • Accommodates up to three hierarchical levels of score reporting based on item classification.
  • Supports user-specified mastery symbols and letter grades (e.g., "A+", "PASS", " ").
  • Provides feedback (prescriptive or remedial resources) at the category level or item level.
  • Customizable category headings and descriptions.


  • Literally thousands of powerful reporting combinations easily customizable for every need.
  • Automatic score comparisons by any code word (e.g., school to school, grade to grade).
  • Intuitive, colourful mastery reporting.
  • Score reports for all students or any subset.
  • Preview or print any report.
  • Built-in report templates for questions, tests, specifications, grading, scores, mastery and more.