MRZ Reader

MRZ Reader is the best combination of traditional high-end optical reader for ICAO ---9303 complianat machine readable travel documents and E-Passports. MRZ Reader is designed to ensure easy operation for the users. The data stored in the RFID chip can read quickly from the ePassport, regardless of the position of the chip in the booklet.

MRZ Reader captures images in visible and IR illumination, reads the MRZ lines, reads RFID tag printed inside the passport, and transfers the data to the processing information system.


  • Illuminations: Normal, Infra Red.
  • Available as OEM optical unit for RFID reader manufacturers to integrate it with their own RFID reader.
  • Usage: ePassport, eID or other ICAO eDocument with or without BAC (Basic Access Control).
  • It can make high resolution pictures.
  • Long lifecycle, no maintenance required.