Remark Web Survey

Remark Web will help you create and administer online surveys, evaluations, registrations, guest books, ballots, information request forms, and anything else that will pull in some really useful information. And you don't have to learn HTML to do it. Remark Web makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create, publish and gather results from online forms.


If you want to gather information from the World Wide Web quickly and easily, Remark Web is the solution for you. With Remark Web, you can create online surveys, evaluations, registrations, guest books, etc., for the Internet or an Intranet, without knowing any HTML. Remark Web has two easy-to-use components. Use the Designer Component to create your web forms. Then use the Server Component to administer forms and collect the data.

Creating Web Surveys

You can use Remark Web to create web-based forms from scratch with an easy-to-use Form Wizard.

Customizing Your Form

Once you've generated your online form, you can customize it by adding graphics, lines, text labels, colors, fonts, tables and much more. Each form element is presented within a tree-view construct to allow convenient navigation and access to all form properties. You can easily create and apply styles to your forms for sharp designs.

Posting the Form

Once you have created your form in the Designer component, use the simple automatic upload feature in Remark Web to place the form on your web site. There are no hosting fees to worry about- the form resides on your own web site, under your control.

Retrieving the Data

Once the form submissions start rolling in, use Remark Web's automatic download feature to retrieve the data. You can view, download and delete data at any time. You can even have the submissions emailed directly to you.

Using the Data

Once you have downloaded the data, you can export it to most spreadsheets, databases, and statistical software packages. Or, analyze the data instantly in Remark Web's statistical module, Remark Quick StatsĀ®. Tabulate a survey or grade a test with the click of the mouse. Then produce graphs and charts of your results, which can all be printed and exported.