Sekonic SR 3500

We are pleased to offer the Sekonic SR-3500 scanner, the most advanced OMR scanner available today. Powerful, automated data capture processing speed at up to 3500 sheets per hour will save you hours of data entry time. Data entry goes from days to minutes and accuracy is increased. A Sekonic optical mark reader is fast, reliable and cost effective. The advance hardware designs guarantees smooth and efficient scanning of OMR forms.


  • USB and Serial Interface Ready.
  • Processing speed up to 3,500 documents per hour.
  • Large input of 500 sheets input hopper.
  • Continuous cleaning, self calibrating read head reduces maintenance.
  • Advanced reading performance ensures accurate reading of marks such as  and not longer restricted to    only.
  • Options for printer, bar code reader (vertical or horizontal) and turnover double paper stacker.
  • Support TESTSCORE2 Software that scores Singapore Schools' CA, SA and P4 Optical Answer Sheets (OAS).
  • Integrated CLASSIC Software enable user to easily scan any OMR forms of your choice.
  • Automatic skew detection and elimination.
  • Control panel with 40 character LCD display.
  • Multiple sheet detection and prevention.

Technical Specifications

Form Size
  • 8.5 x 11" (216 x 280mm)
  • Minimum: 2.5 x 5.5" (63mm x 140mm)
  • Maximum: 9 x 14" (229mm x 356mm)
  • Paper thickness: 20# bond to 100# tag, recommended 24# as minimum
Mark Position Format 6/inch (1/6"), 5/inch (0.2"), 4/inch (0.25") selectable based upon read head order
Read System Reflection read head is used.
Transport Speed Up to 3,500 documents per hour.
Interface USB 2.0 OR RS-232C serial (9 pins), baud rates 9,600 to 115,200.
Hopper Capacity 500 sheets in 104.7gsm OCR paper.
Stacker Capacity 500 sheets. Optional select stacker: 150 sheets
Density level Internal 16-level darkest mark discrimination.
Power Source 240V, 100W consumption, 50/60Hz frequency.
Dimensions 355mm (W) X 212mm (H) X 947mm (D)
Weight 15.8kg
  • Dual read heads—read both sides of a form simultaneously for faster two-sided scanning.
  • Ink read heads—read marks made with blue/black pen and pencil.
  • Interactive adjustable transport printer—print on the scan form, up to 126 characters, including data read from the form.
  • Barcode reader—reads all popular bar codes, simplifies reading all coded fields.
  • Dual bin output stackers—separate forms that fail edit checks.