The SS-100 was specifically developed to support testing, evaluation, and interactive learning applications within the educational environment. The small footprint, lightweight, and portability of this OMR lends itself well for use in teacher work areas, data centers, or classrooms.

Remark Classic OMR software when packaged with the SS-100 provides an application solution to support the processing of surveys and exams, including data editing, test keys, and statistical reporting.


  • Keyless Data Entry
  • Reads Up To 1,500 Forms Per Hour
  • Graded Index Fiber Read Head
  • Portable, Light Weight Design
  • Accessible Card Path

The Model SS-100 Optical Mark Reader is the latest design to serve the Educational Testing and Evaluation Industry. The design was specifically developed for use by administrators and teachers, incorporating a unique feature which allows easy access to the card path and optic lens for clearing obstructions and performing preventative maintenance on the unit.

Significantly faster than keyboard entry, the SS-100 reads one side of an input form automatically and without error as it scans and transports data. Once the form has been scanned, the resulting data string is terminated by a carriage return (CR) and is automatically transported to the communication port of the attached computer. The durable design, simplicity of use, and versatility of the SS-100 makes it an ideal device for a wide variety of data gathering applications.